5 Creative DIY Ideas To Add A New Life To Your Backyard

The backyard is the most versatile part of a house which can be utilized in many ways from spending quality time with family to having a quiet time all by yourself while sipping a cup of coffee. A beautifully done backyard not only adds up to the overall décor of the house but also infuses a lot of character into it while creating a value for an otherwise neglected space. A well-arranged backyard also helps you deal with the limited space problem as you can entertain your guests here. Decorating and arranging the backyard has endless possibilities. However, it’s important to be creative to get the desired result without burning a hole into your pocket. There are plenty of DIY backyard ideas to transform a piece of land into a lounging and relaxing space. Here are top 5 ideas to make your backyard neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride.

1. Tin Can Lanterns

diy tin lanterns

Practical, beautiful and easy to make, these tin lanterns in vivid hues will add a new life to your backyard. All you need are some discarded tins, hammer, nails, bright paints and a lot of creativity. Decorate your backyard with these gorgeous tin can lanterns and spend a perfect evening with your loved ones under its soft golden glow.


2. A Terracotta Pot Table

Terracotta Pot Table

With this unique terracotta pot table, decorating the backyard couldn’t get any simpler. The brightly painted pot with a cap doubles up as a storage space-cum-serving table. You can store your gardening tools into the pot to keep the space clutter-free and serve the beverages over it. The color will add freshness to the area while giving a unique look to your backyard.


3. Repurposed outdoor chandelier


Add a vintage charm to your backyard and take its décor to another level with a chandelier, that too without thinning your bank account. This pretty chandelier of a wire basket, a few jam jars and some crystals will light up the area where you can enjoy a cozy dinner with family or spend time outdoors during summers. A romantic alternative for electric lighting, the chandelier will give the backyard a perfect setup for a dreamy evening.


4. An open air dining area


Four large flower pots, PVC pipes, and mosquito netting can transform your backyard into an open air dining space by keeping the insects away from you. The setup may cost you a little as this DIY backyard idea requires some hardware (PVC pipes) to be installed. Enjoy your meal under the myriad of stars and that too right at your backyard.


5. A tropical retreat at your backyard

A tropical retreat at your backyard

Doing the backyard doesn’t really need a degree in rocket science but just a little smart thinking and a creative idea can bring a tropical retreat at your (back)doorstep. A deck surrounded by lovely blooms and mosquito netting is stunning yet affordable. You can sunbathe, read a book or listen to your favorite book at this cozy deck in your backyard.


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